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Operational Guide

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    Auto sample identification (glucose control solution)
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    Two tests (Glucose & Uric Acid) in one meter with accurate results
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    Automatic detection of insufficient sample
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    Optional individually packaged test strips available
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    Strip ejector eliminates contact with used strips
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    Up to 500 blood glucose and uric acid records with date and time

ios(On Call Diabetes Management)

Android(On Call Diabetes Management)


Feature Specification (Glucose) Specification (Uric Acid)
Technology Biosensor/Electrochemical, Glucose dehydrogenase(GDH-FAD) Biosensor/Electrochemical, Non-Enzymatic
Calibration Method No coding Coding
Test Time 5 seconds 10 seconds
Sample Size 0.6 μL 3.0 μL
Sample Type Fresh whole blood(Capillary, Venous, and Neonatal) Fresh whole blood(Capillary, Venous)
Test Sites Fingertip, Forearm, Palm Fingertip
Hematocrit Range 10-70% 30-55%
Test Averaging General, pre-meal and post-meal 7,14,30,60,90-day averages 7,14,30,60,90-day averages
Operating Conditions 5-45 and 10-90% relative humidity 10-40 and 10-90% relative humidity
Strip Storage Temperature 2-35 2-30
Control Solution 3 levels 2 levels
Audio Feature Optional beep for sample detection, error messages
Automatic Shutoff 2 minutes after last action
Battery Two(2) AAA 1.5V batteries
Battery Life 3,000 measurements
Data transfer USB
Memory Storage 500 blood Glucose and Uric acid results with date and time
Expiration Date 24 months(6 months after first opening)
Other Functions Automatic detection of insufficient sample
2nd sample application allowed
Sample perturbation detection

On Call® Diabetes Management Software

US 510(k) Cleared

Compatible with multiple On Call® meters
Both home and professional editions available