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Species specific code chips for testing multipleanimals

Portable, handheld device designed for multiple settings:Veterinarian’soffice; Farm use; Home use; Emergency animal hodpital

Strip port ejector for convenience and safety

450 test memory with date, time, and test type

Big, bold screen for easy viewing


for Canine, Feline & Bovine
Measurement Range Glu: 10-600 mg/dL (0.6-33.3 mmol/L) Ket: 0-8.0 mmol/L
Test Time Glu: 5s Ket: 10s
Sample Size Glu: 0.8 μL Ket: 1.2 μL
Sample Type Fresh whole blood (Capillary and Venous)
Coding Method Code
Hematocrit Range 20-60%
Memory 450 glucose or ketone results


Diabetes Management Software

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